Order a Foil Card Pack

Looking for something super special for your favourite football player or team?

Why not a personalised foil football player card? Just like a normal player card but even more rare!

If you have ever opened a packet of football trading cards, you know there is usually a silver or gold foil one in the packet that is the 'rare' one. The one to get!

Well what if your custom made trading cards had that special touch of silver or gold foil lettering and border in a special one off design? It is now possible thanks to The Card Guys.

Foil orders are available by request, please contact us for price and availability.

Step 1. Choose a Design

We will match your team colours to the cards design where applicable.

Foil Draft Pick

Foil Milestone

Foil Legend

Foil Stadium Dark

Foil Colour Splash

Foil Black Splash

Step 2. Choose a Quantity

Each option is for 3, 5 or 10 cards of the same design.

Order 3 cards for $15

Order 5 cards for $20

Order 10 cards for $30

Step 3. Gold or Silver Foil

Select either of our options.

Gold Foil
Silver Foil

Step 4. Rear of Card

Select either of our options.

I will provide my own information
Card Guys to provide a sample template I can edit