Custom Trading Cards

How amazing would it be if you could custom design a player trading card with your name, team colours and photo on it ? What about adding your club logo, a bio and stats on the back ?

Well now you can thanks to The Card Guys.

We have a range of card designs we customise to produce your own unique card or a set for each member of your team. It doesn't matter if you play rugby league, aussie rules, rugby union, soccer, netball, basketball, baseball or cricket, our cards make great mementos to keep for many years to come.

You can use our cards for end of season presentations, during the season for the player of the match, milestone games like your first game or 300th game, first goal celebration. We even do school graduations, teacher get to know you's, fundraising and more, you are only limited by your imagination.

Have a look at a selection card designs or get a price on a set of cards for your team.