About Card Guys

When I was a young fella, around 9 or 10, my friends and I would do odd jobs to collect a few extra dollars. When we had enough money to buy a few packets of cards, we would ride our bikes 3-4 kilometres to the only shop in our area that sold trading cards.

We collected anything from Brisbane Rugby League cards (Pre Bronco's) to Sydney Rugby League cards, (pre NRL) and even one year a set of motor racing cards.

We would swap them between ourselves and friends at school to complete our sets and proudly blue tack them to the bedroom wall, much to Mum's concern about the paint damage behind each card !

Back then, the idea to have my own card making business didn't exist. Fast forward 30 years and after becoming a parent to a 7 year old soccer player, the idea to try and create a set for my son and his team mates became an idea to good not to try it.

After a bit of trial and error, our first set become a reality and the joy on those kids faces when they received them was worth it ! With the encouragement of the parents, The Card Guys started in 2015. We continue to strive to produce quality cards for a variety of purposes but mostly for kids to enjoy and keep as a memento of their sporting journey through life.

I looking forward to helping you, put a smile on a young person's face with their own card very soon.

Martin Phoenix
Card Guys Owner