Trading Card Printing

Do you have a few design skills and know your way around Canva, Photoshop or Illustrator?

Why not design your own cards for your child, team or club and we can help you with your trading card printing requirements.

Our cards are the same size, thickness, finish and quality as an NRL, AFL or any card produced by the bigger companies. We have invested heavily in high quality printing equipment and a digitally programmable guillotine to ensure accurate cutting of your cards.

Standard cards are 63mm x 88mmm gloss cellglase finish front and rear, 350GSM card stock.

Designing trading cards is a fun and rewarding project and a great way to save money by providing the artwork yourself.

Not sure where to start? We are working on resources as we speak to make this an easier project for you. These include How To Videos and downloadable resources to help you get it right.

A word of caution, a lot of people juimp in and design cards for a team without checking in with us first as to what we need. This is all explained on our page, Get Started Designing Your Own Trading Cards.

This page explains, the artwork size, the concept of bleeds and margins and what format we need the artwork in.

We are always here to help with questions and ideas, just email or call anytime.