Trading cards for fun

Trading cards can be used for more than just sport. We receive a number of requests each year for non sporting card ideas. Sometimes these are just a bit fun at a club presentation for a sporting team, our cards make a great year 6 graduation idea where the kids swap cards with their friends or a retro styled card for a birthday.

Speaking of schools, we have supplied cards to teachers who present them to their new students as a get to know you exercise.

When it comes to senior sporting teams, our cards have been used by clubs with both senior and junior sporting teams to hand out to the kids as a fan engagement opportunity and of course, the occasional one off cards for someone as a gift or to have a laugh at someone’s expense.

If you have a idea for a card, give us a ring on 0418 552 678 or send an email through the contact page.

More than happy to discuss and see what we can do to help try your idea into a card.