Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a card made ?

We expect each order to take a week to be designed, approved and printed. Add approx 5 days for delivery in Australia. Larger volume orders, allow more time. Busy periods like end of the winter sports season in August/September, allow a little extra.


How much does a card cost ?

Prices vary depending on quantity required and what goes on the back of the card.


Order 1 card only from $6 (plus $3 for the reverse)


Order a full set of cards for the team,$6 and reprint $1 each per player. A break down of pricing on Team Sets is available here.


How much is delivery ?

We try to get cards delivered to teams as cheaply as possible. You can collect them or we may in some instances be able to drop off to you. If not, allow approx $10 for delivery.


What payment methods do you accept ?

At this stage only Cash, Direct Deposit and Paypal, which you can use even if you don't have a paypal account and just want to pay by credit or debt card.


Can I order more than one card at a time ?

Yes you can order as many card as you like. We offer reprints for just $1 each when organising a Team Set. You can order multiple quantities of the same card (to give to your friends or swap with your team mates) or design as many different cards as you need like In the one order.


I have lost my card or it was damaged, can I order another one ?

Of course you can, simply contact us and let us know which card and team it was from and we will organise another one for you. There will be $5 fee for this.


What quality does my photo need to be ?

The bigger the better as it allows us more options and generally, better printing but a modern phone camera can be good enough in some instances. Ideally, a digital SLR will produce a better photo and ultimately, a better card.


What are the cards like ?

We strive to produce a quality card, similar is size, material and finish to a footy card you would buy at the local newsagents. They are printed on a high quality 330gsm card and finished with a protective film.


Can I request changes to a cards design apart from the colours ?

Contact us with your idea and we will do our best to accomodate it.


What happens if I don't like my card ?

As part of our design process, we will provide you with a digital proof of your card to view before it goes to print. If you have any concerns about how it looks, best to discuss it with us at this time.


Do you deliver overseas ?

Yes, but  please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.


Does my card have to be serious or can it be funny ?

You can add anything you like to your card so long as it is not offensive.


Can teams and clubs use this service ?

Yes definately, in more ways than one. We hope teams and clubs get behind us and use our service to provide a unique memento of their players season to present at their yearly presentation day or as a marketing idea for Senior Teams.


Can you add my clubs logo to the card ?

We love it when cards go out with a logo on them as it shows your pride in your club. We do suggest you contact your club for permission first before we design your card.