Team Sets

Our Team Sets are very popular at the end of the sporting season as a way of rewarding your players.

Typically, each player receives a full set of cards of their team, including one of themselves. For example, in a team with 12 players, each player would receive a 12 card set each.

Ordering a team set is also one of the most cost effective ways to purchase cards from us.

We discount the cost of the first card per player, by approximately 20% and we then offer reprints between 60c and a $1 each.

Single sided cards often have a player list included on the reverse side of the card.

Double sided cards can include a player bio, season stats or second small image, as provided by the coach or manager.

Get a price on a set of cards for your team

Use this form to generate a quote on a set of cards that we design and print for you.

Simply answer a few basic questions and we will give you a price per player on the screen. No email or personal details required to receive a price.

Alternatively, you can design your own cards and we can print them for you with our You Design, We Print service.