How To Order from Us

Ordering a card is easy, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Choose Your Design

We offer many designs, all of which we match to your teams colours to create your card.

View the Gallery for ideas

Step 2. Single or Double Sided

Decide if cards will be single or double sided. If single sided, we can leave the rear blank, or if it is for a team, we can add a team list of players and coach, managers etc for no extra.

Double sided cards traditionally have a custom written bio and stats on the player from the season or career depending on the cards purpose.

Step 3. Organise Your Photos

Find a parent or family member of one of the players to take the photos for the cards. If you are in Brisbane and need help, let us know we may be able to assist depending on location and time frame.

Step 4. Make Contact

Give Martin a call on 0418 552 678 or send an email and I can advise you on the best way to send through your photos and information.

Step 5. Check Your Card Designs

We will design your cards and email a proof back for each one for you to check. We can refine the design as many times as required until you are happy with it.

When you are happy, it goes to print !

Step 6. Make Payment

We will send you an invoice with payment options. Not sure how much it is going to cost, try our team sets page for end of season pricing or get a quote by phone on 0418 552 678 or by email.

Step 7. Receive and Distribute your cards

The best bit ! Seeing the looks on your kids faces when they receive their cards.