Legend Series

Is there someone at your club who is simply, a legend? Someone who may or may not still participate but is a key figure at your club for their contribution on or off the field?

It could be someone who has achieved a feat so rare or impressive, it deserves its own card to be produced as a memento.

Why not show them your appreciation with a Legend Card. Like our popular Milestone Cards, number them and create a collector series for your clubs members to collect.

Similarly to our other cards, the front will have a photo, logo, position or other information but the back is free to add your own information, spin or take on what makes this person a legend.

As one club did, number them. ie Legend Series No. 1. These have now become collector's items at this particular club with juniors and older fans, lining up for an autographed copy at a special presentation.

Get a price on a Legend Series card today.

For more information, please contact us by phone on 0418 552 678 or by email.