How Much Does It Cost?

This is our most commonly asked question.
It all depends on who designs the cards
and how many are printed.

We offer two ways we can help you with your trading card needs......

1. Supply your photos and player information and Card Guys will design your cards for you. (And print them too of course)
Pricing varies depending on the number of cards to be designed, what goes on the back of them and how many to print.

2. Design your own cards, send us the artwork and we print them for you. (Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator are all suitable).
Pricing varies depending on the total volume of cards in your order. You can print varying quantities of each card in your order. For example 5 of Pete's card, 10 of Mary's card. Total 15 cards.

What are our cards like?

Our cards are the real deal, they are a quality product, equivilant to AFL/NRL/Basketball cards in every way. 350gsm thick card stock, a gloss celloglaze finish front and back and they are the same size as a standard trading, 63mm x 88mm.