Trading card printing pricing in Australia

We offer photographers and designers a trading card printing service where you design your own cards to our specifications and we print your cards for you.

Turn around times vary across the year depending on the season and volume of cards you have to print, but in most cases, cards are printed within 1-2 weeks in the quiet times, and within a week in the busier periods.


Pricing below is for supplied artwork files to our specifications. Artwork not provided in the correct format may incur an additional fee to cover the time to correct.

Pricing does not include delivery. Allow $15-$20 depending on volume of cards being printed. Express delivery with tracking by Aus Post is our preferred option.

Qty Range

Price per Card

10 to 30 cards

$2.20 each

31 to 60 cards

$1.80 each

61 to 100 cards

$1.50 each

101 to 200 cards

$1.20 each

201 to 500 cards

$1.00 each

501 to 1000 cards

80c each

1001 to 2000 cards

70c each

2001 to 3000 cards

60c each

3001 to 4000 cards

50c each

4001 to 6000 cards

45c each

6001 to 8000 cards

40c each

8001 plus cards

35c each

Please note - All prices Inc GST