Print your own trading cards

Do you have a few design skills and know your way around Photoshop or Illustrator ? Do you have the skills to design cards yourself but need someone to print them for you ? We can help you with your trading card printing requirements.

The more you print, the cheaper each card becomes. Prices range from $1.20 per card, to 55c per card.

Please see the sizing guide below.

Qty Range

Price per Card

18 to 90 cards

$1.20 each

91 to 200 cards

$1.00 each

201 to 500 cards

90c each

500 to 1000 cards

80c each

1001 to 2000 cards

70c each

2001 to 3000 cards

65c each

3001 to 4000 cards

60c each

4001+ cards

55c each



* Please supply artwork in either PDF, Png or Jpg format.

* Artwork to be 68mm x 93mm at 200 dpi or greater. 

* Please allow a 2mm bleed which when cut, is removed from the card.

* Finished cards will be 64mm by 89mm.

* Gloss or matt finish, square or rounded corners available.


* Allow a 3mm gutter inside your crop line and keep critical information inside of this area.

* For best results, fill your image or artwork to the edge of the design.

For more information on the ordering process, please contact us before completing your artwork..

* Please note - Pricing does not include delivery or packing options.