Print your own trading cards

Do you have a few design skills and know your way around Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva?

Do you have the skills to design cards yourself but need someone to print them for you?

We can help you with your trading card printing requirements.

The more you print, the cheaper each card becomes. Prices range from $0.35 per card, to $1.80 per card.

View our trading card printing prices.

Standard cards are 350GSM with gloss finish front and back.


* Artwork to be 69mm x 94mm at 200 dpi or greater. 

* Please allow a 3mm bleed on the outer edge of your artwork. When printed and cut, this is removed from the card.

* Finished cards will be 63mm by 88mm.

* Gloss finish with square corners are our default option but Matt finish and rounded corners available on request. (Additional cost will be required for rounded corners)
* Each card to be printed, is to be supplied as a seperate file. The format is a 2 page PDF with the card front on page one and card back on page two. Sample File | How to do this (You tube)

* No need for crop marks, it is automated at our end.

* Artwork not provided in the correct size and format may incur an additional fee to cover the time to correct.

* Sample image shows the two sets of lines. The outer is set at 3mm in from the edge of the artwork  (red rectangle where we cut) and the inner line at 6mm in from the edge of the artwork. All logos,text and players heads should be inside that area to allow a 3mm margin/safe zone from the key information to the edges of the card. Check any AFL or NRL card and you will see what we mean. :)


* Allow a 3mm gutter inside your crop line and keep critical information inside of this area and provide a gap from the edge of the card, to the logo, text etc.

* For best results, fill your image or artwork to the edge of the design.

* Borders on each side of the card are very difficult to align correctly when printing and cutting. For best results, bleed one side of the design to the edge of the artwork.

A Good Idea....

... is to produce one card's artwork and having it checked before completing the rest. Occasionally, we receive multiple files, all with the same issue that all need correcting before printing.