Custom Trading Cards

How cool would it be, if you could have player trading cards, custom made for you and your team mates, with your photo, name, club logo and colours on them?

It is easy, thanks to The Card Guys.

Simply supply your photos/info and our design team will do the rest!

It doesn't matter if you play rugby league, aussie rules, rugby union, soccer, netball, basketball, baseball or cricket, our cards make great mementos to keep for many years to come.

We offer a range of trading card services, where we design and print cards for teams, or print your trading cards that you have designed in Canva or Photoshop.

Sample Card Designs

Cards are created in your team colours with your logo. We offer an option to remove the backgrounds from the supplied photos, but this is not always possible or used in the design. First 4 designs are concepts. Each order has its own custom templated created.

3 ways we can help with your card needs

Send us your photos

Send us your photos and player information and we will design and print your cards for you.

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Design your own cards

Got skills? Design your own cards in Canva or Photoshop and we will print them for you.

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Card ideas using trading cards

Use our cards as a fundraiser, fan engagement or a milestone card for a club favourite.

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